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  • PLANETARY GEARBOX:speed reducer for servo motor and stepper motors, from 50W to 7500w.
    Planetary gearboxes are widely used as speed reducer of servo motors and stepper motors. Ratio from 3 to 512, our planetary gear boxes are useful in almost any case. The classic SP series are of good quality and good price. The backlash of the high precision SPB helical series can be less than 3(stage 1)and 7(stage 2)
    Planetary Gearbox

    Gearbox external diameter

    SF Series 60mm/90mm/120mm/150mm
    SP Series 40mm/60mm/80mm/120mm/160mm
    WPL Series 40mm/60mm/80mm/120mm
    SPS Series 70mm/90mm/115mm/142mm/190mm
    SPB Series 60mm/90mm/115mm/142mm/180mm/220mm

    Gearbox series code

    SF: High torque planetary gearbox
    SPE: Round output flange
    SPF: Square output flange
    WSPE: Right angle round output flange
    WSPF: Right angle square outpout flange
    SPS Series: High stiffness series SPB: Helical Gearbox

    Gear ratio

    Single stage: 3,4,5,8,10
    Two stage: 9,12,15,16,20,25,32,40,64
    Three stage: 60,80,100,120,160,200,256,320,516